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Translation to and from most languages and in most subjects, including technical, legal and medical texts. Our language translation services can help you convey your message in almost any language to facilitate your international communication. We translate many different types of documents, from sales literature and catalogues to technical manuals, contracts, medical records and immigration papers - the list is endless. Whatever the language or subject, the aim of our language translation services is always to achieve quality and accuracy in the target language.

Interpreting to and from most languages and in most subjects, including technical, legal and medical fields. We can provide interpreters for consecutive or simultaneous interpreting at business meetings, conventions, conferences and court cases.

Localization of software and web sites in most languages and fields. This involves creative language translation and adaptation of the original text into one or more target languages. In the case of software programs the relevant naming conventions need to be observed in the target language, as well as taking into account space limitations and ensuring the overall consistency of the target language terminology within the application. Web site localization may involve additional considerations, such as achieving the same impact in the target language, cultural appropriateness and so forth.

 Web site and software localization

 Editing of texts in most languages and subjects, including technical, legal and medical documents. This may be carried out, for example, on a text that needs to be revised in accordance with specific criteria - such as a client's "house style" - after translation into the target language.

Copy-writing of advertising material in most languages and subjects. This involves writing new "copy" based on the client's original promotional literature. It requires great skill to achieve the correct balance in the target language, and can make or break a client's foreign advertising campaign. In some cases cultural appropriateness can be a key feature, in order to avoid embarassment, offence and ridicule in the target language.

Abstracts of long documents in most languages and subject areas, including technical, legal and medical material. This is particularly useful in deciding whether to go ahead with the translation of a lengthy document. Specific sections of the text in question can be translated or summarized, or a précis can be made of the whole documnent. A decision can then be made as to the usefulness of carrying out a full translation. Another example might be information gathering, where an abstract would outline the salient points of a text for information purposes only.

Adaptation of texts in most languages and subjects, including technical, legal and medical. An example of this form of language translation might be adapting a document from British to American English, or from one form of Spanish to another.

Voice-overs for audio visual recordings in most languages and subjects. This involves recording a new sound track to fit the sequences in question. Corporate and technical videos are often dubbed for foreign markets, or subtitles may be used instead. Usually the original script is translated first, adapted where necessary, and then a new sound track is recorded. When the original script is not available, a transcript is prepared for subsequent translation.


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