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We will be happy to advise you on your language projects and requirements, and provide you with a quotation for the relevant translation services. The following are a few suggestions to assist you in approaching a new project, so that it can be managed efficiently and a good standard of quality can be provided.

  • Please provide the original text in order for us to provide an actual quotation. Our language professionals will need to assess the content linguistically, as well as in terms of any specialist knowledge that might be required.

  • It is a good idea to contact us during the early stages of document preparation, if possible, so that we can suggest ways in which your text might be adapted to save time and expense later during the actual translation. This not only facilitates the translator's work but also ensures a good translation and avoids cultural misunderstandings.

  • Please tell us the proposed readership of the translation. This means that we will need to know into which languages the text is to be translated, and in which countries it will be read. The same language can be quite different according to the country in which it is spoken (as in the case of Latin American and European Spanish translation). You will also need to tell us the purpose of the text, whether it is aimed at a specialized or general audience, so that the translator can use the appropriate style and terminology.

  • It will be most helpful if you can provide us with any background material or glossaries you might have - either in the source or target language - to assist the translator with relevant specialized or technical terminology.

  • Inform us of any special formats you might require for the translation itself and when returning the translation to you. Some foreign languages require more words to express the same concept in English, or may use longer words, which can create problems in translating software strings, for example.

  • Translation services and related language activities are labor intensive, and as such require sufficient time to ensure that quality standards are maintained. You should plan well ahead of any deadlines you might have for the finished translation, and take into account any national linguistic variations, as in the case of Latin American and European Spanish translation. The faster a translation needs to be carried out, the more quality standards will suffer. 

Full range of language translation services for business and industry, including translation, interpreting and localization. All subjects and languages, including Latin American and European Spanish translation.

    • In the case of interpreting, we will need to be aware of the working languages (including any variations, as in the case of Latin American and European Spanish translation), the type of interpreting involved (simultaneous or consecutive) and the subject in question. You should also indicate whether the interpreter will need to travel during the assignment, will they be required to attend any social functions as part of their duties, and whether accommodation arrangements will be made on their behalf. Interpreters charge for half days and whole days, plus any applicable travel and subsistence expenses.

    • Software and web site localization can be a complex undertaking, in that appropriate standardized terminology needs to be used, code may need to be worked around, and there are space limitations for software strings. Linguistic variations need to be taken into account, as in the case of Latin American and European Spanish translation. We would advise you to plan the localization process well in advance of any release or implementation deadlines, so that the project can be adequately planned and coordinated to ensure that quality standards are maintained.


Full range of language translation services for business and industry, including translation and interpreting, carried out by qualified and experienced language professionals.


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